Shine a Light on Your Life

I’ve been called a “Pollyanna” and still others have said that I am easily “bamboozled.”     All because I choose to look on the bright side of life.

On the bright side there is more light… and in the light what was the “dark side” is exposed for what it is… nothing.  It is only when we fear what we can’t see clearly that we are bamboozled.

There is no such thing as a perfect life.  God… and everyone else for that matter…  knows that I am far from perfect.  My life isn’t “charmed” and I don’t live a fairytale existence.  Instead I live to be happy and take each day, each “opportunity,” and each blessing in my life and give thanks for what they teach me.  Those lessons give me perspective.  And at the end of the day that perspective enables me to see beyond the problems.

You have heard me say that happiness is a choice.  I believe that as deeply as I believe that we are all here, on this earth, to be happy.  If happiness is the purpose of my life then looking past the so-called imperfections is a must.

You can shine a light and expose your life for what it is meant to be…happy!  It takes a little practice…and consistency…  However it is the light that feeds your soul… and it is that nourishment that enables you to grow beyond the shadows.

Try these Simple Steps and switch on the light in your life:

  • Laugh at yourself!  When you make a mistake whether it is putting salt in your coffee rather than sugar, taking the wrong exit off the interstate or walking out of the house with two different socks on… laugh!  There is nothing here worth taking seriously.
  • Make a list of your bad or just not so good qualities.  We all have them.  Now ask you spouse or best friend what they consider your “opportunities for improvement.”  See if anything on your list matches up with theirs.  If it does… then you have faced it and it probably doesn’t seem as bad as it did when it was just in your head.  If none of the qualities on your list came up in the discussion then you should realize that what you thought was bad doesn’t even really exist outside of your head.  Don’t believe everything that you think!

If today you will look for the positive in every aspect of your life you will discover that there is more than you could have ever hoped for.  Doesn’t that feel good!?!

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