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When You Appreciate What Is… Happiness is Yours!

I wonder sometimes why I took my life in Seattle for granted.   Actually I took Seattle for granted.  The mountains, Puget Sound, the Whidbey Island Ferry the “souls” of every quaint town that I visited.  It wasn’t until I moved to Texas that I appreciated “home.”

Too often we look past the day to day blessings in our lives because we hurry from place to place and task to task.

In this last year of being unemployed the fog finally lifted from my eyes and I find myself stopping to give thanks for the color of the flowers or the quirkiness of Lefty, my black cat.  It took me not being distracted by what I thought was important to recognize what is important.  Maybe that is when I came to realize that I am finally happy.

Where are you in your life?  When was the last time that you noticed the color of your husband’s eyes or the way he smiles when he is chopping vegetables? Did you notice how blue the sky was today?  How about how comfortable you feel in your favorite jeans?

Appreciating what you have is a powerful way to change your state of mind…and if by doing it every day…you will change your life.   Try one of these Simple Step when you are ready to refocus your attention on the blessings in your life:

  • Sit in your favorite place  It may be a room in your home or a bench in the park.  All that matters is that you are where you love to be.  Close your eyes and see yourself sitting in this place.  Look around you and notice the furnishings, accessories, flowers, or whatever surrounds you.  While you could do this with your eyes open…having them closed keeps you focused on the beauty around you.  When you have enabled yourself to “see” your surroundings, take a deep breath, and say “Thank you.”  Open your eyes and notice how this place takes on an even more special meaning.
  • If you have a small child go for a walk with them.  When they stop to notice a penny or a frog or something that has captured their attention ask them to tell you about it.  See these things though their eyes.
  • If you are right handed use your left or vice versa.  Try brushing your teeth or opening a door with your other hand.  This one will make you appreciate your dominant hand.  If you do your task well with your other hand appreciate your talent!

I am grateful in my life for Jack, my parents & family, my pets…all of which are easy to take for granted.  But I won’t.  They are all part of my happiness and I give thanks for them every day.

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