What Lies Within You

When my career was developing I use to believe that when I had the title, the salary and the big office I’d be happy.  When I reached those milestones all of my prior thoughts about what was important were flushed down the drain.  Regardless of all those material goals… I was far from happy.  Miserable was a better word.  And to make it worse the higher up that ladder that I got the harder the fall…and I fell.

What broke in that fall wasn’t my body…it was my soul.  I had built an image of myself as this capable, in control leader.  What I was instead was a pawn in someone else’s game.  A tool…not an asset.  Wake up call…

In the months that followed my separation from the company where I’d worked for almost 25 years something miraculous happened.  I found me…I discovered what was laying dormant inside of me…waiting patiently for me to get over the hollow image that was now my past.

We all have a past… It doesn’t matter what that past is as long as we have learned from it and moved on.   I have.

We all have a future…  one that is ours to create.   They key however is to not sacrifice today in hopes that tomorrow we’ll be happy.  Been there, done that…it didn’t work.

If you are ready to let go of your past and let your future be just that then it is time to focus on your happiness right now.  Within you lies every resource that you need live a joyful life.   Try this Simple Step to focus on the now:

Appreciate Your Now – Share the Wealth:

  • Write down the first 3 strengths that come to mind when you think about yourself.  These might be “I’m a talented chef,” “I’m the fun Grandma,” and “I’m a loyal friend.”
  • Next act on each one.

    • Cook your favorite meal or experiment with something that you’ve been wanting to try.
    • Take your grand kids to a movie or the park.  It they don’t live close to you take your cell phone or video camera and take photos of things that you want to do with them when they visit next time.  Send it off to them and include something from your plan that they could read or play with in advance.
    • Call that friend that you haven’t talked to since before the holidays.  Go for coffee or invite him or her over for dinner.

When you use your strengths to do for others a miraculous thing happens…you feel joy, right now!    And being happy , right now, is never overrated!

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