Reducing Holiday Stress

I was reading a Facebook post from my friend Joanna this morning.  She said, “Just decided to be thankful. God must think that I can handle a lot of stress so I will.”   WOW!  Talk about inspiring!

What about you?  What is going on this week for you that you could learn from?  Whether you believe in “God” or any other higher power isn’t the key here…the key is to realize the infinite capacity that you have and keep moving forward.

That isn’t easy…especially when there is really too much that seems to be going on at one time.  Holidays, while we love them, are more stressful than we would prefer.  So what can you do to out the stress in perspective?

Try these Simple Steps and enjoy your holidays more!

  • List out everything that you think is on your plate. Include those things that other people have said that they will handle but you aren’t sure that they will.  For those ones that others have assigned to them call or e-mail them to ask if they need assistance or if they have it covered.  This is just a gentle reminder to them.    Next prioritize what remains on your list.  You can do this either by the size of the job or by the timeframe it’s needed.  First determine if there is anything on the list that someone else could do.  Delegate!  For what remains on your list…do the first thing.  Check it off when you are done and move to the next.  When you organize you gain control…and what happens is that your stress goes down.
  • Make the same list except this time leave off anything that is on someone else’s plate.  Take the top 5 items that you know have to be done or that you absolutely want to do.  Write the rest of the items on a separate piece of paper, fold it in half and on the outside write:  Universe Responsibilities.  Put the list away.  This enables what has to be done to get done.  Anything else will happen if it needs to.

The key here is that you choose what is important and quit sweating the little stuff.  We tend to fill our plates with stuff that takes our time…rather than with things that bring us happiness.  It’s time to change that habit and do what makes us happy!

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