Find Yourself by Not Looking

When I left my position with my prior (and only) employer this year I was more than ready to stop working.  For months I’d been living on airplanes and working with a team that was going through the change of company acquisitions, changing managers and fear of being outsourced.  It had been a very emotionally and physically draining 12 months.

The relief of not working was replaced at some point with anger (for being replaced in the acquisition process), financial worry (severance wouldn’t last for every) and fear (what if I couldn’t find another position because of my age (54).

In the interim I was trying my hand at a few new ventures.  Somewhere out there had to be my new calling.  Consulting, designing websites, making draperies…I do all those things however doing them full time is not my idea of fun.   I also realized that working for myself was perhaps not the way to go.

If you are trying to find your “calling,” as I am, I’m going to suggest a very Simple Step:


Why?  First it’s frustrating.  The harder I tried the less I learned.   Second it’s depressing.  Why am I 54 and don’t know what my life is about?  And last…but maybe most important is that as I struggled with trying to find what my life should be I seemed to be paddling upstream.  When I realized this last point I knew it was time to let go of the oars and “go with the flow.”

Since making the decision, to quit this struggle of finding myself,  a couple miraculous events have happened:

  • My niece came to visit over Thanksgiving and volunteered to help me with my websites and my book.   In less than a week my website, book, and video production company have taken on a new direction…and this one “feels” right!
  • I was called for a job interview from a small company.  They impressed me from the very first meeting and I’m flying out to San Diego for the next round of interviews this week.

It seems that the less I “struggle” the more I accomplish.  If you find the same thing is happening with you…let go of the oars and enjoy the ride.  You’ll be amazed at what giving yourself this break will do!

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