What to Do While You Are Waiting

If there is one thing that I have never been good at…it’s waiting for someone else.  Whether it is waiting for a return call, a job offer, a date to show up or merely waiting in line at the post office…waiting is frustrating and a waste of time.

It seems like the more mundane the issue the more aggravating it can be.   My husband hates to wait at the cash register for me to pull out the exact change.  Have you ever tried to do something when you know that the person with you is rolling his eyes?  There is a simple answer to this one…give the cashier more than you owe and let them count the change back for you.  Of course there are times when I enjoy this little bit of glee (usually when there is no one else in line though.)

We all have simple “waits” that we can engineer ourselves around such as going to the bank or the post office in the middle of the day rather than on Saturday mornings.   When you can’t do that then take your IPod and listen to music that makes you happy.  Think about how much more pleasant you will be when it is finally your turn.  Additionally the cashier would surely appreciate a kind person…especially around the holidays!

Then there are those “waits” that you make yourself crazy over.  For example you’ve interviewed for a job and are waiting to hear back from the company.  Of course you have sent your “Thank you” note to the person that interviewed you.  The ball is in their court.   Or you have been out on a couple of dates with a guy you really like and haven’t heard from him in awhile.  You’ve probably e-mailed or called him at least once.  Now what do you do?   Even harder… if you are waiting for a loved one to return from Afghanistan and you have the additional worry about their safety.  This is one that you have even less control over.

Try these Simple Steps to ease your stress and turn these “waits” into joyful & productive times:

  • When it is a job that you are waiting on…expand your options.  Rather than wait for a call from a company look for alternatives.  Hop on a job site such as www.Simplyhired.com or www.Indeed.com and explore your dream job.  In expanding your options you will gain a better perspective and be prepared for whatever news you receive.
  • If it’s a person that you are waiting to hear from…fire up your computer and jump on Facebook.  (www.facebook.com).  Set up a profile if you don’t have one and connect with your friends.  When your friends list covers your entire regular group look for that person that you are waiting to hear from and send a Friends Request.  If they don’t have a FB profile, invite them.  As you start to see their posts and they read yours if you were meant to be more to each other than passing friends you’ll know more about each other and be ready for that next date!   FB is a great place to learn more about people that you’ve met.  It’s not the best if you are trying to connect to strangers…so be wary of connecting to anyone you or your friends don’t know!
  • When you are waiting on the military the best Simple Step is staying connected to others in your same position.   While estimates vary there are approximately  162,000 US Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan & Iraq.  Military families (spouses & children) usually have strong networks because they are clustered around military basis.  That same type of network may not exist if it is your child, grandchild, or sibling.   To help ease your stress volunteer to help with “Support Our Troops” efforts in your local community.   In Dallas there is a great group that goes to the airport every day to welcome back our troops as they return home.  Read more here about efforts across the country: http://talkingwithheroes.com/product_info.php?cPath=79&products_id=412

Your “wait” may be very different.  What is important is that you look outside of yourself.  When you open up your own doors to alternatives and helping others you will gain perspective and reduce your stress.  Even in those most worrisome times the goals should be to feel better…even a little will start you on a positive path.  The further you walk down the path you’ll discover that the “wait” is part of your journey….not something to “wait on.”

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