What is Important to You?

Our parents, spouse, friends, siblings and a myriad of others all have an idea of what we should do, not do, like, not like.  In the end though nothing we can do will satisfy any one of them.  We can’t make them happy (for long) and we can’t fill the needs that they have(whatever they may be…)

What we can do is satisfy ourselves.  Life is a journey…  You get to choose what path you take, who you are friends with, where you travel to, what you do and almost every other decision that comes across your path.  When you realize that it is about what is important to you (not others)..and truly embrace that not just give it lip service…your life will change for the better.

Nothing is more important than being happy.  Nothing.  What makes you happy?  Have you thought about that lately?

Simple Step:

  • Take 20 minutes (more if you need it) and write down every single thing that you can think of that brings you happiness.
  • Next pick out 1-2 items on your list that you can enjoy right now.  Do them!  Maybe it is buying yourself some flowers or taking a walk…or sitting down over coffee with someone special in your life.
    Everyday review your list and pick one more item and make it happen.

Your happiness is what matters.  Regardless of whether your list has simple steps or grand plans doesn’t matter…following your heart is what counts.  Each day that you do something that is important to your happiness is one more day that you appreciate life.  The more that you focus on the good things…the more good will come to you.  Real change exists when you move the scales to focus on the positive aspects of your life!

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