Thelma Putzel

thelma-WebsiteIn today’s corporate environment, if you were to ask the average employee would you stay if you won the lottery, most employees would likely respond with a resounding “no”. It is evident that the jobs we hold in the corporate setting today are all about the paycheck and not a whole lot about passion or purpose in our lives. We show up each day, held by the golden cuffs we call a salary and constantly complain how weekends and vacations are too short.

Thelma Putzel’s intention is to change this unfulfilling sentiment for those who want more out of life and feel ‘stuck’ in the corporate world. Thelma was born and raised on the island of Kauai and moved to the Mainland to attend College where she graduated with a BS in Information Systems. After graduation, Thelma began her career, devoting 27 years as an employee and manager in the corporate environment. She began building a diverse career portfolio working for a major consulting firm, a financial institution, and leading high-tech software companies. She always strived for a work-life balance with her demanding jobs and found enjoyment in being a part of nature by participating in several half-marathons, a half-ironman and as a part of an ‘Outrigger 9-Woman’s team’ that paddled across the 41 Mile Molokai channel.

The outdoor activities became an outlet to keep her on track with her career, but eventually after holding the same job for a few years, boredom and frustration set in. Each time she felt discontentment, she would change jobs, hoping the next position would bring fulfillment back into her life. Instead what she found is the new roles and the higher salary wasn’t the answer and she began to wonder if there was more to life than a full-time job.

This is where Thelma’s journey began. She began seeking answers and found that they were inside her as oppose to outside of herself. She began to understand and identify her own unique qualities and gifts that she offers to the world. These ‘gifts’ go beyond the knowledge and skills she gained over the last 27 years and realized that it is these internal qualities that allow her to believe and be comfortable with her own worth.

Having traveled this journey and finding fulfillment, Thelma now works with corporate clients to share her wealth of knowledge and learning, providing detailed insights to those who seek more. She works with clients who seek more success, wealth, happiness, but who often don’t know where to start or how to accelerate the path they seek. Many of us may be limiting our own worth and have doubts about who are and Thelma offers strategic ideas to help shift their mindset to embrace their worth.

If the question, “There has to be more to life” keeps coming up for you, then you are in the right place. Thelma helps clients find fulfillment in their job beyond the paycheck. Whatever your goals are, by understanding and owning your internal worth, qualities, and gifts, a shift in your mindset can have a profound effect in achieving your career and personal goals.  Request a Strategy Session here.

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