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I Can’t think Myself Out Of This One – by Rob Dorgan

I am overwhelmed with thoughts lately.  “Am I doing what I want in my life?” “What is my life about?” “What is my True Essence?” “Where do I want my focus?”  “Do I even have a focus?” Five years ago, Steve and I made what we felt was a huge shift in our lives. We quit our solid 9 to 5 jobs and decided to re-create ourselves. We now do massage, teach yoga, meditation and offer spiritual counseling sessions.  Through these avenues, we open ourselves to service to others on a daily basis. It sounds like the life I always wanted and it is. So why do I still wake up questioning myself and wondering if I am doing enough with my life?  If you’re hoping for an answer to these questions in this article, you can stop reading now because I don’t know.  But I am asking these questions daily and watching the process of my mind and spirit. I meditate every day because I know it is shifting something inside me. I am calmer, less fear based and more present in my moments. Instead of thinking that meditation has let me down in finding my true center and sense of inner peace, I am realizing it is helping me see there are more layers around my heart that can be peeled back to…