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A Fresh Look At Coincidences

Perhaps you have heard the term “There are no coincidences.” It is usually said when there is a “chance” meeting or phone call that almost seems orchestrated. For example, you think about an old friend, and within five minutes they call you. You go to a new kind of gathering and find many friends there that you know from completely different circumstances. You reach for a book in a bookstore, and there is someone you know reaching for the same book at the same moment. Pure coincidence? I pay attention to these seemingly random events and wonder at their meaning. I don’t always know right away but wait to see how things unfold. Years ago I used to run into a woman I worked with at the local farmers market every Saturday. I went at different times each week, and walked a different ‘course,’ but yet there she would be. Many of my friends also went to this market, but I always just ran into this one woman. I decided to make an effort to get to know her better and found we had many things in common outside work. It was like our souls GPS monitors were directing us to the same spot at the same time. And yet this could be called coincidence. I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica with…