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One Day, They All Took A Chance!

It was a Saturday night. Steve was in his apartment getting ready to head downstairs to have dinner.  He had plans to meet up with Laurie Jo, who he met whiling working as a server in the very restaurant where he was to have dinner.  Knowing Laurie Jo did not finish her shift until 10:00pm, Steve thought he would go down early, sit at the bar with his favorite barkeeper, Carol and have a bite.  Laurie Jo, worked in the kitchen of this popular downtown hotspot.  She and Steve met when he worked there and  had become good friends.  The plan for this evening was to meet after her shift, go upstairs to Steve’s cool downtown apartment, conveniently located three flights up from the restaurant, have a couple drinks and venture out for to one or more downtown’s many bars and clubs. On the west side of the city, Harry and Jo, Steve’s parents were getting ready for their own night on the town.  They were heading to one of their favorite haunts, The F&N Steakhouse for dinner. They had been there many times and were looking forward to the deep fried eggplant and one of the best steaks in the city.  The F&N was one of those ‘old fashion’ restaurants, with small quiet rooms and big over-stuffed booths.  You know, the ones with just…