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Your Happiness… Your Responsibility

Are you waiting for someone else to do something in order for you to feel good or to be happy? Is your happiness dependent on your partner’s mood, your children doing what you want them to or your co-workers to follow your lead? If you’re waiting for something outside of you to “cause”  you to be happy you’re losing out on the opportunity to be happy.  We are responsible for creating our own reality… And that includes finding the joy in each moment. Depending on another’s actions renders us powerless and perhaps makes us feel like a victim.  Any time we rely on someone outside of ourselves we also place expectations on the other person that are unrealistic and unfair.  And in some cases doing so places us at the mercy of the other person’s whim. If you believe your happiness is dependent on another person consider this Simple Step: Make a list of what you’re waiting for that is dependent on another. Ask yourself if the other you’re waiting on is doing anything to contribute to your happiness? If your answer is “no”  cross this item off your list. If your answer is “maybe” also cross this item off your list. If your  answer is “yes”  ask yourself if their action sustains your happiness or is just in itself a momentary feeling. This Simple…