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You Are Not Responsible For Other People’s Behavior

You are only responsible for how you behave in response to other people’s behavior. I was the only person waiting in line at a coffee shop when a man entered the store, ignored me, and went right up to the counter. I said, “Sir, the line starts over here,” pointing behind me and the sign stating Wait Here to Be Served. He looked at me and said, “You can wait. I am in a hurry,” and placed his order. In the past I would have continued the discussion or wanted management to intervene, attempting to get him to own his rude behavior. But I’ve learned the benefit of behaving differently than the awareness that creates a negative situation. So I did not say anything else. There may be some people who think I am weak or a push-over, but quite the opposite is true. People who do not care how their behavior negatively impacts others are not in control of themselves. They may think they are, or that they have gotten away with something, but sooner or later negative behavior always comes back. At least that is how the inconsiderate and egotistical behavior karma thing worked for me because at one time I was far from in control of myself. In relationship it is not possible to fight fire with fire and not get burned.…