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What Have You Stopped Doing?

Life has its challenges. Whether it’s illness, relationships, financial stress, a job or family… we all have to deal with something or many things and they distract us from what we truly want to do. Life gets in the way… but that is life. Over the last year I’ve dealt with my share of issues. With each one I needed… or allowed those issues to take priority in my life. Jack’s illness, my elderly mother’s needs, moving, trying to build this business… they have all come first. Somethings have to come first. Being a caregiver for my family, yes… that is a priority.  Writing a guidebook for other caregivers… ok that could have waited for a while.  (You can download Second By Necessity here.) Not everything though needs to be a priority.  Do you fill your plate up and then to try to do it all to prove your value (real or perceived?)  Perhaps you’re really just avoiding working on yourself. You don’t need to get in shape or find a better job.   Do you run yourself ragged until you are  burned out?  Is your energy is zapped and do you resent your responsibilities? Do you feel like you’re on a downward spiral but can’t or don’t know how to deal with it? If you’ve taken yourself to the limit, stopped doing what you…