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Aloha and Namaste’

Steve and I first went to Hawai’i in 2002 and again in 2003. We longed to go back but as we all know, life happens and takes us on what we perceive as detours. I say perceived detours because everything that happened in that 14 year period was important to our personal evolution. I like to think of it as gathering what we needed and going back at just the right time. We wanted to go back because we are intrigued and inspired by Hawaii. There is a magic about the place. It’s raw beauty has a magnetism to it that leaves deep impressions in your psyche. On our earlier trips to Hawai’i and Kalani Honua Eco retreat center specifically, we were deep into our studies of Yoga as a philosophy of life. In a “spiritual nutshell” we were studying and living “Namaste”. Namaste is the Sanskrit greeting that means, “the divinity in me acknowledges and respects the divinity in you.” First you acknowledge your divinity and then you open yourself to see it and respect it in everyone else. In those same early visits we were introduced to the concept of Aloha.  We found that Aloha is more than an Hawaiian greeting or salutation.  Aloha is a way of life. It is described as “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.  A…