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What Are You Willing To Do For Yourself?

Are you frozen in fear or perhaps just not sure what to do next so you do nothing? Do you feel that you need to do something to take your life to a better place?  What are you willing to do for yourself? Over these last two years since Jack died I’ve been on auto pilot. One foot in front of the other doing what I’ve needed to do.  I’ve been making a living, providing for myself and up until January I was my mother’s advocate.  Then she died too.  At 61 I became an orphan in addition to already being a widow.   It’s been a really difficult last few years. Now I’m out of responsibilities except to myself and my pets.  I have nothing that is any more a priority in my life than anything else.  I’m untethered.  In my heart and mind I’d rather have my husband and mom here so I could take care of them than to have this freedom.  But it is what it is.  I just have to decide what I do now with my life. Jack always encouraged me to have a hobby or pursue something that made me happy.  I preferred to focus my energies on doing things that made him happy.  That made me happy.  His death took with it my purpose and my happiness… as…