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A New You Right Now

My friend Jeannine comes for her massages early in the morning.   More often than not, Jeanine, Steve and I have a great conversation about the most important things in life—- real down and dirty soul matters before they disappear into the massage treatment room. I love these conversations and they leave me with so much on which to contemplate and meditate. This week was no exception. The conversation was about “new beginnings” and “starting new”.  Her comment was that everyone is so focused on their “New Year’s Resolution” that they completely forget that today is the perfect time to start a new.  She went on to comment about how after putting all our energy into January 1, if there is a “fall from grace”, for what ever reason, we give up, we throw in the towel, we become depressed.  We failed again so once more, we may say, why try in the first place. What about today? What about right now? This time of new beginnings at January 1 is all human made.  Our calendar helps us to track time and make appointments/plans but any day in our life is a great time to start a new plan of action in our life.  Right Now! What can you change or resolve to do in this moment that will bring about lasting changes for a lifetime?…