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A Simple Choice

This week was the 3rd Anniversary of my husband’s liberation from his cancer-riddled body.  Last year and the year before I was remembering it as the day of his death.  Needless to say time has changed my perspective.  It however has nothing to do with Jack’s passing and everything to do with my sanity. It’s easy to focus on the pain.  Somehow we feel that our suffering is a right of passage or something we deserve.  In reality all it is… is life.  There are challenges.  There are events.  And sometimes there are passages. Some we have a say in but many we don’t. Make no mistake about it I would have traded places with Jack in a heartbeat if it meant he was here and I was gone.  Most of us would do anything to take away a loved one’s pain.  Now however that we are still here and they are gone we have to make the choice to release our own pain. I believe that there is life after death and I believe that those who have transitioned are still with us.  I believe there is a reason I’m still here and traveling through this life solo.  I believe there is more for me to experience and I’m not done yet.  I lost sight of that when Jack was enduring cancer treatment. Then…