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I have friend who is also a client. He is 83 years old.  For many of us certain numbers elicit certain stereotypes.  I believe these generalizations about age are deeply ingrained.  Many of us hold on to visions of our grandparents or even our parents as they aged.  Many of us decide we will travel the same aging road.  But times have changed and continue to change.  We now know we have choices and we can make decisions as to how we want to age.  As our teacher Bobbie Corbean always said, “We choose how we want to grow up.” My 83 year old client John said to me yesterday, “I spend more and more time in the morning stretching. I stretch my ankles, my back, my shoulders, and my neck. It’s a good 20 to 30 minutes every day.  I guess that’s just how it is when you get older.” I congratulated him on his dedication.  I also shared with him my belief that no matter our age, we all need to be moving our bodies daily.  Movement is part of our responsibility for accepting one of these incredible bodies that houses our spirit.  We know we have to maintain our home, our car and our relationships or we see them deteriorate before our eyes.  The same is true with the body. My friend…