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Use What You’re Given

A friend of mine presented this topic to me and immediately my mind began to swirl.  “What an interesting idea,” I thought.  I was delighted to run with it, but running with it actually began not with a walk, but with a stroll. “Hmmm… use what you’re given.”  To make sense of it, I thought about it in terms of my own life.  What was I given?  To me, the idea of being given something means that — once you receive it — that marks the beginning of the relationship with that particular thing.  But when I thought about it in terms of qualities I may have been born with, I couldn’t come up with anything because I don’t remember being born. However, thinking retrospectively about the significant experiences in my life – the ones that really stand out… the ones that were really impactful — provided the answers about what I was given.  The answers revealed themselves as individual puzzle pieces that I was then able to fit together into my self-portrait. The significant experiences in my life that immediately came to mind were the really tough ones.  They were experiences that I considered non-preferred, yet paradoxically enough, they were the experiences that provided me with the most gifts and insight into my own character. For example, I made a business investment that didn’t…