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Raising Your Spirits

Tomorrow is Christmas and a day of celebration for so many.  It’s a day the reminds us of hope and of love.  Still there are those who don’t find the joy in the holiday.  Maybe they are alone, dealing with life challenging issues or have something in their life that has left them feeling hopeless and sad. This week I’ve talked to friends who dread this season, others who are stressed beyond belief and yet others who are dealing with a devastating fire.  For me it’s my first holiday season with no close family.  My mom passed last January and of course it’s been 3 Christmas since my husband died. It’s easy to understand how these friends and I would not be in a place of wanting to celebrate. If you are dealing with parts of your life that bring you down there is still a way to raise your spirits this season.  It starts with understanding that it is one season.  It’s isn’t your life.  You feel the way you feel this year however if you can ground yourself in the truth that this is just an experience then you are not dooming yourself to thinking that every holiday will be like this one.  Think about it.  You may have had tough times before too but then you had other wonderful holidays.  This will…