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Learning To Live Again

What  are you going to do after you’ve been through the worst life has to offer? Do you often find meaning for your life in songs your hear? Do you have a favorite that makes you feel good… or one that speaks to your sadness.  I’m one of those people. While I do my fair share of writing there is always a lyric from some creative genius that sticks to my soul and helps me realize I’m not the only one.  Recently I heard an old song on the radio that never really resonated with me until now.  It’s “Learning to Live Again” by Garth Brooks.  The last line of the chorus is ‘This learning to live again is killing me.” The song is about dating again but before you jump to conclusions.  No I am not dating. I have no interest at this point in my life and the “killing me” is about how difficult life can be. But life is hard when you’ve lived through hard times.  When the worst life has to offer has knocked you down on your knees getting back up is hard. We do so much to keep our lives moving forward as best we can.  Since my husband died I’ve been going through the motions of life and trying to break out of the place of sadness and…