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Learning To Live In Gratitude

The phone rang at exactly 11:11am. 11:11 again. Why did that sequence of numbers always seem to be popping up in front of me? I almost didn’t pick up the phone. I was deep into budget planning for my high-powered  job in television advertising and didn’t want to interrupt the painstaking process. On the third or fourth ring, however, I answered the call that would forever change the course of my life. On the line was John, a charismatic former colleague and master negotiator. Without preamble, he offered me a mind-blowing position with a media company in Austin, Texas. The promotion would mean a brag-worthy management position, a virtually unlimited expense account, and a truly insane salary several times greater than the six figures I was already bringing in. Talk about an ego boost and a fork in my road! Part of me was jumping up and down screaming, “Hell, yes! This is it!” This was my chance to manifest a lifestyle that most people can only dream about. I would be an instant millionaire! But the other part of me was overwhelmed with all of the changes that would come with my new role and lifestyle transformation. John was certain that I should step up my game, join his company, and get rich quick. But my intuition was telling me to consider his offer…