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Dancing With The Angels

One thing I really like about maturity is the amount of experience you have to pull from. Pull what, you may ask? Well, a treasure of happenings, memories and the opportunity for current happenings to garner a deeper meaning. Let me explain. Recently, my partner Steve and I were visiting our friends Paul Boynton and his partner Mike Wynne, who live in New Hampshire. The first night we were there I had the most incredible dream. I was standing in front of an old wooden table and on the table was a book stand or lectern that held an ancient manuscript. It must have been 36” by 48 “ and it was old. The paper was yellowed crisp parchment. The script was old English from about the 1400 or 1500’s. (I know this because I studied Old English script in graduate school so I could actually read it. Coincidence or subconscious bleed through?) On the pages there were prayers to the 9 levels or choirs of angels— the seraphim, cherubim…………..( I grew up Catholic and have a Catholic education through College.) In the dream I recited each of the these series of prayers to each level of the angelic hierarchy. It was almost as if I were a magician or alchemist calling on the powers of the angels to assist me with a special intention…