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Looking Up –

A new perspective from a tree, a few squirrels and some lively birds… Last week we had a new stamped concrete patio poured in our backyard.   When an unexpected guest stopped in it brought the perfect opportunity to get a few pieces of furniture out and sit. After he left I took advantage of the time alone to simply “be” by myself for a few minutes. As I reclined back in one of the chairs I began to observe the trees from a whole new view. What a wonderful surprise it offered to see the life in that tree from a new perspective. The sun was gently shining through the branches, beams of light everywhere. The birds and squirrels were active and interacting more than I’ve ever seen, partially because the temperature was a perfect 72 degrees, but mainly because I had never paid attention at that angle. It was almost dizzying. I’ve always been a nature lover. Watching birds and animals is a regular part of my daily life. This time was different. I took few deep breaths and began a tree meditation (you’ll see details below). Tree meditation offered me the chance to ground myself and really connect in to witness what was happening above. It was like watching a natural super highway for the wildlife that is present in my yard; birds…