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Leaving Disappointment Behind

For the past few months I’d be planning a trip to Ireland.  While I booked the trip to see a beautiful country the real reason I was going was to break my cycle of isolation.  Since Jack died I’ve rarely left my home except to go to work and the store. I figured if I pushed myself way outside of my comfort zone by traveling solo overseas it would cause me to rethink my daily life. I wanted to make the most of this trip and I did so by joining a tour when I landed in Dublin.  For weeks I’d planned what I wanted to be sure to see while I was there. One of those places was the Cliffs of Moher, a section of the Atlantic coasts that reaches 702′ high.    The staggering height of the rock faces along with the amazing vistas were why this was one of my priority places to see. I was excited to view these magnificent coastal landscapes. I’d even tried to book a helicopter tour to see them from a unique perspective. Unfortunately the helicopter tours were booked up a month in advance. Then day we were at the Cliffs they were obscured by deep fog and rain. There was no viewing location that even allowed for a tiny glimpse.  This was not an experience I…