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Positive Thinking: How to Stop and Win Anyway

When it comes to the law of attraction, I will get to the point now: If you are saying to yourself things like, “I am abundant” and “I attract all that I want” and (a) you honestly don’t believe it in your heart, or (b) you desperately want to attract things to help you feel happy (worthy, forgiven or safe), I believe you are barking up the wrong tree. The law of attraction relates to your signature energy and not your thoughts and hopes. I started my journey of positive thinking over 40 years ago. Nobody could out positive-think me. I tried HARD. I wanted money, ease of living and to find my purpose. I believed that I could shift my vibration or frequency by saying, writing and thinking that I was abundant over and over again. But deep-down, the honest truth was I felt dirty, wrong and just plain bad. Since I was seven years old, I thought that the sexual violations were my fault. If I was a good person, I wouldn’t have had those experiences, so I believed that I wasn’t valuable or worthy no matter how hard I tried to believe that I was abundant. This was the truth that I was vibrating. So, while I was doing all the positive thinking I could, the most prevalent voices inside my head…