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  • Have your emotions taken over and find yourself on a crash course with the unknown?
  • Are you starting over in some part of your life?
  • Do you believe you’re back at square one when you thought you’d be on easy street?
  • Did your dreams of retiring at 65, being married once or working for the same company forever wash away taking your confidence and security with it?


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If your relationship is broken beyond repair, your position was eliminated or your nest egg cracked and vanished what happens next is totally up to you. You can allow the fear, anger, worry and stress to crash over your head or you can learn to surf those emotions and use them to land on solid ground.

In this Complimentary webinar, Cheryl L. Maloney, CEO and Creator of Simple Steps Real Change, provides the Simple Steps to help you to smooth out the emotional waves and use what remains to firmly plant you on solid ground.

  • Learn how to banish the belief that starting over means your back at square one
  • Discover why letting go of the “sure” opens up a world of possibilities
  • Let go of anyone who is pulling you under and embrace those who are helping you to shore

This webinar teaches you how to deal with the emotions that come from starting over. You’ll take away from this 60 minute program Simple Steps you can use right now to go from drowning in your pain to using it to surf the waves to a happier life by:

  • Conquering your panic attacks
  • Standing tall when others want to make you feel small
  • Embracing your calm during the storm

Wednesday March 12, 2014 – 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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