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CHALLENGES – From Surviving to Thriving the Worst Life Has to Offer

An 8 part series exclusively on Empower Radio.

Life.  We all have one to live. It’s filled with highs and lows and as we journey through it we learn about ourselves.  We adapt as we go.

What happens though when something happens that we never expected, never wanted, and had no way to prepare for it?   We find ourselves living a nightmare instead of the dream.
The worst life has to offer is a gut wrenching, humbling and infuriating experience and yet it is just life.  Your life.
What do you do when the unthinkable happens?  Your partner dies or divorces you.  Your employer terminates you.  Your financial security evaporates.  You lose your home, your livelihood, your sense of security.  What then?
I used to say that I’d lost everything in my life except my marriage and then my husband died.  Everyone one of those nightmares taught me something about myself and changed every thought I had about what truly matters in this life.  When these life-changing events knock you down it’s hard to get up and sometimes you may not want to get up.  I know I didn’t.  When I created Simple Steps Real Change in 2009 it was to help those who, like me, felt alone in what they were going through.  In my new 8 part series I’m going to guide you gently through your stress and back into the light.
Here’s what you can expect from Challenges -Surviving to Thriving the Worst Life Has to Offer
Learn to be “OK” with your experience by accepting it for what it is… a moment in time.  It’s not your life and it won’t define your life unless you let it. 
Take the Simple Steps to release your fear and live in the here and now.  Learn how to render you worries powerless and channel your energy into a more positive place. 
Smooth out the roller coast of your emotions by defusing the lows and harnessing the highs.
In this show learn some of the realities of your condition.  We’re going to explore the power of education in financial losses, the choices when dealing with others and the journey of grief.  
Whether your are responsible for your own nightmare or  you had no role in it you can rise above your challenges with gratitude and humility despite your embarrassment, humiliation or anger. 
Just when you thought the worst was over something happens that plummets you down into the abyss or makes you feel that you’ll never be free of the pain.  Learn how to setbacks aren’t and stones are rocks to build with. 
You’re beginning to feel like you’re on the way up and out of the pits with the Simple Steps to use the worst life offered as a platform for the best you have to offer life. 
You’ve traveled through a very dark tunnel and discover that the light you were seeking.  Discover the purpose of the worst life had to offer you and be in awe of the experience. 
While we might feel along in our nightmare we’re not the first one to travel that route.  Let me help you learn from your journey as I learned from mine.  And when you come out the other side of your stress you’ll be ready and excited to help the next person too.