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Letting Go can be good for the Soul

Recently, Steve and I did some major changes to the second floor front room of our house. Our business has changed to the point where we need an additional studio space for massages, private yoga, meditation and spiritual counseling sessions.  Both studio spaces are on the same floor so it is the perfect answer.  It is!  But, the bedroom set in the front room belonged to my Mom.  She probably bought it in the 1940’s, and it was her bed my whole life.  It has always been part of this house as far as I am concerned. The house Steve and I live in has now been in my family for over 100 years.  We are the present day custodians.  This all sounds very cool unless you are a Capricorn who is very tied to family and history.  Making the change to this room meant getting rid of the bedroom set – which seemed like amputating an arm. Poor Steve; I fight him on every change he has wanted to make to this place. Everything he has done has only made it better for us. Every change has made 1108 Central more and more ours. But even with that knowledge, I still hold back and struggle with each new thing we do to the place. We affectionately call our place, the house of dead people’s…