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The Web of Our Lives

Steve and I have worked for ourselves most of our adult lives. From 1999 – 2011, we helped run our friends’ business which was interesting, challenging and full of rich life experiences. In 2011 we felt the need to make a big life change. So we left these jobs, went back to school and now we are once again working for ourselves. It is a great thing but it has its’ challenges. One of which is to keep ourselves motivated. Recently, I have been feeling inadequate in that category. If you have ever felt inadequate you know it is not a good feeling. There is so much to do I tell myself, but I just can’t seem to get to it. Why can’t I keep up? I make a “to do” list. I add to it constantly but rarely am I subtracting from it. I love to mark things off my list and it is not happening. There is a lot to do when you work for yourself. Actually there is a lot to do when you work for someone else. The reality is, there is a lot to do whomever you work for or even if you are retired. Instead of doing the things I say I want to do, I keep making excuses which adds to my feeling of inadequacy. Along with the…