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I Live With Someone Who Meditates

I live with someone who is a meditator.  He sits and sits and sits.  He even teaches others how to meditate.  He can meditate at home, in a hotel room, out in a park, even in a moving car (he’s not the driver, thank goodness!) and yet, still I struggle. I began my meditation practice back in the mid-80’s.  Rob, our friend Carol and I would gather in my apartment and lie on the floor and use Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization tapes for our sessions.   The reality was I got to take an afternoon nap!  But two to three times a week we would find a comfortable spot, our hands palm up along our sides, our feet and legs relaxed and our eyes closed.   We would start the tape.  Each time I would say to myself, “I am going to stay awake”, but in the end I would always find myself waking up at the sound of the finishing chimes.  Multiple failures brought my practice to a close. In the late 80’s we moved to Cripple Creek, CO.  I told myself I would once again pick up the practice of meditation.  This time, however, I chose to sit in a chair.  I had much better luck with this format.  I found I could stay awake and I would actually be able to sit for 20…