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How Important Are You To You?

Does everyone and everything else come first or at least before your own needs? Do you forgo taking care of yourself, eating right, having some “me” time because you don’t think you have time for your own needs?  Are you quietly (or not so quietly) undermining your own well being? Whether you have children, aging parents or a demanding job placing yourself at the bottom of the list will hurt you more than asking the others in your life to wait.  Emergencies are one thing but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  When are you going to decide you are important too? You know that you will always take care of your family but you can’t always be last on your own priority list.  You can set aside 30 minutes a day, or on most days, to do what you love or to treat yourself to something that supports your needs.  Whether you take time to read a book, treat yourself to a pedicure or take a nap you need to do what will make you feel good and good about yourself. As someone who has no immediate family left, and is responsible for only myself, I know first hand what filling time without purpose is.  We silently find reasons not to take a walk, cook a healthy meal or explore a new town. …