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The Flip Side of the Resolutions Scam

“This is the year… I can FEEL it!” I would say to myself on New Year’s Eve. I used to be big on New Year resolutions. Perhaps it is a function of having an optimistic disposition and believing in the possibility of having all good things appear overnight. With my intention to lose weight, which, year after year took first prize as my most sought after resolution, I would have a gangbuster day on January 1st and perhaps on the 2nd. And then, BAM. I would show up. The one who eats for comfort when things get challenging. Any foul mood or feeling of disappointment or defeat and I would make a beeline for sweets. It took me years to put two and two together – that no matter how strong my desire on New Year’s Eve, I still took myself with me into the new year. I now recognize that what’s already in place doesn’t change overnight, and I am thrilled about that. In fact, I have come to recognize that deciding to chart a different course isn’t about changing my thoughts or behaviors. Charting a different course, the way I see it, is about shifting perspective about my thoughts and behaviors. For me, I think this is the first time in my life of New Years’ experiences that I am at peace. I…