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Reflections – Photographs & Memories

Shortly after Jack died I discovered the external hard drive that contained all of his photographs and files was bad.  Two years and $1,500 later I have it all back and safely stored.  Today I decided to explore the photos and found an archived file with photos of every trip, every hike, every home, every pet and every project we ever took on.  There are photos of family members, celebrations and memorials.  Amidst my tears and laughter there was torture and joy in seeing these photos again.   I have found myself remembering the wonderful times and distraught for what can never be again.  I’ve shared some photos with other friends and family members in hope they would remember the good times… and that they wouldn’t be plummeted into sadness as I have found myself in. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good cry and with every tear I shed I also know how grateful I am to have had the experiences in this life that these photos have given me the chance to remember. My hope in having this hard drive recovered was that I would have Jack’s original photographs back and I do.  I didn’t realize that it would give me my life back too.  As hard as looking back may be, today, it’s enabled me to remember all that was really…