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Are You Trying Too Hard to Please Other People?

I have to admit it: sometimes I’m more focused on pleasing other people than on being true to myself. Even though I know that doing so never turns out well, I’ve just succumbed to the temptation to do it – even though I’ve previously sworn to myself that I would never do it again. My most recent transgression? Today I was shopping for a new pair of shoes to wear at a friend’s wedding. I found a cute pair that were a little out there; they had straps, buckles and bling galore. Sure, they were on the zany side, but they made me happy. I tried one shoe on each foot, looked in the mirror, and then a cool-looking woman caught my eye. She was super put-together and hip … much more than I will ever be. She looked at the shoes I loved, and she wrinkled her nose at them, shaking her head. I put down my beloved shoes, and walked out with a boring, classic black pump. I shook my head as soon as I got in the car, and waltzed right back into the shoe store with the words of my Aunt Gina ringing in my head. “You’ll never be everybody’s cup of tea,” Aunt Gina used to say, “I’m sorry to tell you, Honey, but it just isn’t going to happen.”…