Second By Necessity


  • Are you a caregiver who has to take care of an ailing loved one’s needs, first?
  • Do you feel like you’ve given it all but you know there is more to do?
  • Are you exhausted but know that’s not an option right now?

Second By Necessity is the caregiver’s guide to self care when you think that you don’t have time for you… because I know first hand what you’re going through.

Jack, my husband of 35 years, has been through almost a dozen surgeries to remove tumors from his head & neck and then a few more surgeries to reconstruct both.  While he’s the most positive person I know every new tumor, every PET scan, every surgery, reconstruction, every chemo & radiation treatment and even the doctors visits have taken it’s toll.  Just when we think he’s out of the woods a new tumor shows up.

Then there is my mom who at 86 has her good days and her very bad days.  My dad passed suddenly just before Jack’s diagnosis and left me as the primary caregiver for my mom… who is blind and had never been alone before.

Over these last 4 years my primary role has been as a caregiver.  And while I will never regret this role the constant need to be “on alert” is draining.  You know the feeling.  You’re there… or perhaps you are even past that point and wonder if you can keep up the pace and the stress.

I wrote Second By Necessity to help you find the time and the peace you need when you have to come second.  Whether you’re caring for a child, a parent or your life’s partner you do so because it is your role… and you wouldn’t want it any other way.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  And you need some relief too.

Sometimes we can’t come first in life.  If this is where you are then get your free copy of Second By Necessity here:

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