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Love is a Stranger ………at an open bar-

Have you ever told a complete stranger you loved them? I did yesterday for what I think was the first time in my life but probably not my last. Steve and I find ourselves going out less and less to public places. We are trying hard not to become hermits but loud spaces with crowds of people don’t hold much appeal anymore. Personally, I find myself distracted. I lose my focus as I get pulled into large screen TV’s and other people’s conversations. Last night we had plans to meet a friend of ours for dinner after our Tuesday night yoga class. We meet with Alex a couple times a year to catch up on life. We decided to have dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Frida’s. It’s a busy restaurant/bar in a hip part of town. We sat at a table in the bar area as the restaurant was full. There is a large screen TV in this area. Steve graciously took the seat facing the TV so I could face away from the bright lights and changing images. I thought I was home free from outside attention grabbers. But there was only a couple feet separating our table from the bar patrons. Those two feet were not enough distance to keep the conversation of the three strangers sitting directly across from…