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  • Author: Janet D Thomas

How to Embrace Your Idiosyncrasies and Flourish

I used to believe that to be happy or successful, I would have to completely change my personality. I used to believe that I couldn’t “get there” from here. I am getting older, and somewhat wiser. I don’t judge my thoughts and ideas anymore. The more I accept my personality and idiosyncrasies, the more peaceful I become. For example, I have made peace with my addictive personality. For many years, I would binge eat. Although I was unhappy that I did it because I would gain weight, binge eating was comforting to me. Among other things, it was one way that I soothed myself when my feelings were hurt. Now that I have learned to manage my emotions without turning to food for comfort, I have noticed that I’m still me, with an addictive personality. I am thrilled that I don’t binge eat anymore. However, I do continue to binge because it is something about myself that I simply accept. Now I happily binge on ideas. For example, I have explored the life experiences of blues/jazz pioneers Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Billie Holliday, and Ella Fitzgerald. And recently I binged watched biopics about female country western pioneers Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dottie West and Tammy Wynette. I have noted that a formula for success– talent, discipline, determination and heartbreak — transcend race and culture. I…