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  • Author: Dave Fresilli

I Am Your Health

There is a power, a mindset, a dream I want you to meet. It has been welling up inside you for so long now! It has been gently giving you quiet moments of inspiration. It has always been there with you, to support and feed you. Hello dear one … I am your health. I am the thoughts you have of taking care of this amazing body through which you express yourself. I am your feelings of youthfulness and vitality! I am the energy that surges through your body when you give me what I need to heal and strengthen you. I am the joyful force of all that we can create together. I am the limitless engine that empowers you. I am a deep part of that which you will reflect back upon in your life. I am the summation of all the power of your Spirit, Mind, and Body. I am your natural state of being. I am your expression of playfulness. I am your deep cleansing breath. I am your desire for whole natural foods. I am your thirst for water. I am your need for deep restful sleep. I am the desire that urges you to move your body toward stability, strength, and power. Allow me to encompass this life that you are so fortunate to have! There is so much…