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  • Author: Cheryl L Maloney

Fight and Flight

There are life’s challenges that you need to hit head on.  The same challenges though sometimes cause you to want to run for cover.  Did you know that doing both is actually good for you?  You do what you need to… when you need to… but you don’t have to live your life being at the highest point of your stress every day, let alone every moment. It’s like taking care of a sick child.  You do everything necessary for them and when they sleep, you sleep.  (Or at least rest.)  If you’re dealing with financial stress you go to work or look for a job, you find ways to save more or spend less and you get creative with entertainment options.  When you’ve paid your rent for the month you can breathe and recognize you’ve always found away and you will again.  But for the moment (hour, day) you stand down and relax just a little knowing you’re ok. When times are stressful it’s difficult to find balance.  Sometimes it just doesn’t even seem like balance is part of your life.  If you’ll take the next 5 minutes and dial down your stress you’ll realize how much even that short break helps you.  And maybe tomorrow it can be 7 or 10 minutes. It’s not always going to be this stressful.  I know it…