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  • Author: Cindy Hively

What Is Your New Lifestyle?

Do you feel like your entire life needs a makeover? (And I am not talking about lipstick and blush.) We get up in the morning and start our day doing the same ole thing, drinking the same ole coffee, looking at the same ole … well … just fill in the blank. It gets so old, and we actually decrease our vibration by not creating our life with style and keeping it fresh. I know because I have been there more than I can say. I think we get into patterns and routines and think if they work, leave well enough alone. Then we can’t understand why we feel bored or numb and that something is missing. I know you can relate! Wherever you are in your home right now, stop reading and follow the instructions that are next. I want you to look around. What do you see, what do you feel, what do you want to change or move? Is there anything you want to junk and replace? Let your creative juices run wild. I am not saying go out and spend a bunch of money and completely redecorate. Sometimes in life it is the smallest adjustments that bring us the greatest joy. Simply moving an object, buying a new book (or even a new tube of lipstick) is all it takes. It…