Time, Space and the Dance of Love

After five days, my best friend’s life support was removed because he was brain dead. That was 36 years ago today.

I helped pick out the clothes he would be buried in and I brought them to the funeral home. After the funeral I waited until everyone left so that I could place all of the flowers on top of the fresh grass that covered his coffin. I felt compelled to tuck him in.

At 20 years old, I simply couldn’t fathom the pain of having to suddenly say goodbye to him. I had to learn how to function again. I had to talk myself through even the automatic things like getting out of bed and brushing my teeth.

I had to learn to navigate my grief. And, I am extremely stubborn. There was no way that I could believe that he was actually gone. We may be separated now, but I refused to believe that we would be separated forever.

I had already been studying self-help and spirituality, however, when he made his transition, that’s when my spiritual quest truly began.

It’s been 36 years. I am thrilled that my stubborn nature guided me through a focused spiritual journey that provides me with immeasurable gifts all day, every day. I am thrilled that I know how to use my inner senses and trust my intuition. My ability to perceive, on some level, parallel realities that I believe exist, allows me to relax in this life.

And today I recognize that my connection with my friend is as strong as ever. It feels like we just got off the phone from chatting, and my heart feels content within this. It’s the feeling that is real, not time and not space.

Today as I celebrate him, I celebrate you and all of your loved ones to whom you are tethered beyond time and beyond space.

And, I celebrate the eternal nature of love. As you go about your day, consider that your loved one is with you. Remember a happy time together and breathe it in. Let it fill your senses. And if your heart is heavy, let that be your cue to beam your love to them. See them smiling back at you, perhaps as if it’s ridiculous to think that you’re parted. Allow yourself to feel safe and fortified in their love.

How lucky are we to have loved and to be able to keep loving? Beyond time and beyond space, we can dance with our loved ones, and the music as well as the dance will continue forever.

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