How to Challenge the “Flat Stanley” Perspective

A few years ago, a friend and I went to a basketball game at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Our mission was to take a picture of “Flat Stanley” at the game for her niece in elementary school. (The Flat Stanley Project was based on a book where little Stanley was flattened by a falling bulletin board and can now fit into an envelope. Children around the world create their own cutouts of Flat Stanley and mail him to friends and family for adventures that they then write about. And, forgive me if I didn’t describe The Flat Stanley Project correctly!)
I was thinking about Flat Stanley as I considered how we live our lives — like we are flat as well. I think that we miss out on lots of peace and clarity when we assume that we are purely and solely physical beings, and only experience physical existence.
I believe that there is more to us. I believe that we are not two-dimensional, or simply three-dimensional. I believe that we are multi-dimensional in nature, and many have already developed their inner hearing and inner listening to help address physical reality.
It’s like if Flat Stanley had depth. We have that depth innately, but many of us choose to ignore or avoid this.
There are many doctors who recommend meditation to reduce stress and even lower blood pressure (for starters, you can check out articles on to verify this). So, the benefits of our inner world on our physical reality have already been validated!
Consider thinking about it this way: you are living life. You are in the game. You are active and you want to succeed and that’s all there is to it. Think about baseball – players are on the field but they also go into the dugout to sit down while the game continues.
Meditation is like sitting down in the dugout, getting rested up and refueled and getting your thoughts together on how you’re going to handle your next at bat. Going up to bat feeling rested and determined is a great thing!
For example, you can meditate right now by closing your eyes and listening to your breathing for a few seconds. Being in the dugout for even a few seconds can work wonders! Although there are many ways to meditate, it really is that simple.
As life becomes more challenging and complex, let’s challenge our Flat Stanley perspective. I think our solutions begin when we are willing to look outside the box of conventional thinking. If you are feeling fearful or off-center, meditation can help you feel balanced, fortified, and ready to look at your reality with renewed courage and strength.

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