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Can Imagination Be Your Cure for Indecision?

The five-foot high walls that surround my childhood home were made of brick. The oozed and dried cement between each brick made them very easy to climb, which we did often.

I remember sitting atop the wall one beautiful spring afternoon. I could see on both sides of the wall. I thought of my classmates, my brothers, parents, teachers and cousins. It seemed to me that each of them looked like they belonged somewhere. They each had a specific personality and point of view.

I, on the other hand, felt like I was on the outside looking in, pretending to be whoever I thought I needed to be to be liked. I always felt like I was sitting on the fence of life, unable to know myself to land on the ground somewhere.

Decades passed before I found my strong inner foundation. By this time, I also accepted and celebrated my ability to see others’ points of view. I can float around an align with others’ perspectives and always arrive home safely within myself.

This comes in handy when I have an important decision to make. I can float around in my imagination, weighing options and probable roads that one choice over another might create.

The familiar feeling of sitting on the fence comes back to me. I can toy around and around with different options, yet at some point I need to choose – I need to drop down and land on the ground in some way, and move forward from there.

When the time comes to decide, this is how I make my final choice: I imagine myself 20 years older, looking back on this particular decision. If I can look in the mirror at myself, 20 years later, and have peace about my decision now, that is when I know I have made the right choice. After all, I know that I always do my best with what I know now, and I can let that be okay. At that point when I identify my right choice, it’s like I drop down, land firmly on the ground, and move forward from there.

If two options feel equally fine when I look back, that means I can pick either one and feel okay about it. And I will choose the one that feels most exciting to me.

Consider that using your imagination can be a very helpful and practical tool. Perhaps you too can get amazing clarity from your future self about your present-day decisions? Getting comfortable within your imagination might just be the right thing to help you get off the fence and land on solid ground!

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