How to Embrace Your Secrets to Promote Healing

I started piano lessons when I was seven years old. My parents allowed me to quit few years later, after I kept whining about not wanting to practice.

What they didn’t know is that I had convinced myself that the keys were fire hot, and every time I touched them it felt like my fingertips were burning. I remember sitting on the piano bench in the living room all alone while my brothers and parents hung out together or were doing other things. I felt isolated and resentful, like I was being punished.

I hated playing the piano at recitals more than anything. Getting dressed for a recital was like preparing to face a firing squad. I hated having everyone’s attention, even for five minutes. But the truth was, I didn’t want to face the vicious taunts of my inner monster if I played some wrong notes like the last time. In my mind, I kept replaying my embarrassment and humiliation until the piano keys felt like they burned.

I didn’t realize until years later that if I had talked about how I felt, I might have worked through it. Perhaps if I would have exposed my monstrous inner critic and perfectionist early on, I might have enjoyed playing the piano. And, I may have experienced many other realities if I hadn’t kept so many secrets.

But doing that would have meant that I couldn’t share it today, because in reading this you might not feel so alone.

You never know how your perceived mistakes can help someone else. You don’t know that the power of your pain can free another, simply by your ability to say, “I know how you feel.”

This is what expressing yourself safely can do. This is what releasing your secrets, in a safe place where you are acknowledged and understood, can do. This is what having the courage to face your pain can do.

This is what healing is.

Safely releasing your pain with harm to none including yourself breaks down the walls that separate you from others. This is what healing is. Writing down your secrets in a safe space and then destroying the paper can help you lighten up. This is what healing is. Dancing, laughing or crying without judgment gets your energy moving and helps you reawaken to yourself. This is what healing is.

Consider that sharing your pain can be music to someone else’s ears and facilitate their own reconnection. Wouldn’t that make the pain worth it?

Your non-preferred experiences are not your downfall. Your non-preferred experiences are your raw material for transformation. The more you have of them, the higher you can go!

Healing allows you to become a conduit of Source energy, making you an ambassador of love and light for others. Imagine how we can change the world as more of us release our secrets, receive love, and shine our light for others to enjoy.

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