Looking Back and Beyond

Do you really feel what you are going through is the worst thing that could ever have happened to you?  It may feel that way right now but it’s because you are buried in the worst of it.  You can’t see beyond where you are right now and it all feels hopeless or at least futile to keep trying.  I’ve been there more times than not in my life.  Hindsight is 20-20 but that doesn’t help you right now… unless you let it.

Jack & I went through some really difficult times in our marriage, our careers and financially. We were sure it couldn’t get any worse and then it did. He died.  Looking back at all those other struggles now makes me realize how simple it would have been to move past them if I’d allowed myself to at the time.  I however wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do so.  I wallowed, railed, lashed out and isolated myself.  That gave me some type of relief but it wasn’t what enabled me to get through it.  It just made it worse.  But I couldn’t see it, then.

Can you look back over your life right now and see your challenges differently?  Was it the worst thing that could have happened or did it turn out to be relatively minor in the scheme of things?  Perhaps it was life changing but was that so bad?

Losing Jack to cancer was life changing. And yes it was and is the worst part of my life.  As I sit here now is it the worst thing that could have happened?  No.  The worst thing that could have happened was for Jack to suffer endlessly and for his life to be changed in a way that he could no longer be a photographer. I would have watch his body and his soul suffer.  Instead he died at a time when his passion was at an all time high and his photographs reflected his soul.

There are worse things in life than what you are going through right now.  Think back to those other times you felt the same way.  You see it differently now don’t you?

If you haven’t been through anything so life changing then look to those around you who have been through worse.  Use their lives as examples of what can be done and not what you think is all there is.

As humans we have limitless capacity to rise up and above our circumstances.  You are human… that includes you! Believe in  your capacity to heal, to be stronger, wiser, to be inspired by your own journey.

Because you can.

With love, Cheryl

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