Naturally Mindful

 My husband and I have been talking about getting a small place in Northern Michigan for weekend escapes.  We both love the idea of connecting with nature for a few days, without the busyness of daily life and the constant “hum” of city living.  For me it’s like resetting the internal factory installs on our mind, body and soul. While we were looking we talked about how to create that connection in our daily lives.  What it came down to was deepening our mindfulness practice, even though we have both been meditating for 25+ years.
How do we do that?  Mindfulness and meditation are certainly buzz words of the times.  I’ve interviewed many guests on my show, Soulful Living at Empower Radio, who are committed to the practices.  I looked to them and share their tips for creating a deeper sense of calm below.

Charles Francis – If you are going to grow, then you — and everyone who meditates — must be willing to face the truth about themselves. You must be willing to look at yourself objectively, and let go of your beliefs, no matter how long you’ve had them. All of us must have the courage to let go of our old self, if we want our True Nature to shine through.
Cara Bradley – Take deliberate action, show up on purpose and shine. Living on the verge isn’t about doing more, as there is no better version of you out there. It’s about experiencing more. It’s not about achieving more, it’s about being more, being more fully you, in this beautiful, natural state when we simply show up.
Randi Ragan – Seek a more vivid relationship to the world around you. At any point, where ever you are, engage with nature:  see it, smell it, touch it, hear it, walk around in it, appreciate it  – you do yourself and your soul a huge service.
Dr. Ellen Langer – Life only consists of moments.  So if you make the moment matter, your life will matter. Additionally, begin to actively notice new things. Everything is always changing so the things you think you know, you don’t’.  Actively notice…
Greg Bogart – Be your own teacher and let nature guide you.  Simply flow in the way of nature.

We all know nature ebbs and flows. Life changes like the seasons as aspects of the natural realm come and go.  To bring more of the natural world into our lives, to deepen our mindful practice, we can become “actively aware” of how nature is present in our lives and take on the basic tendency of going with the flow.

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