Real Change and How a Simple Step Can Get Us There

Janet Thomas

Janet D Thomas

I have started and restarted this month’s article about half a dozen times. I decided to write about how simple steps led to real change for me, and began my story from both ends. At first I started writing about the first simple step I took but then thought that talking about my real change first would be the best route.

But something happened when I started thinking about the real change I have experienced – I find myself unable to describe it in words. My thoughts become jumbled because the only way to understand would be if it were possible for you to experience it directly.

It’s sort of like when someone asks you to describe the one person you love in life the most. You have this signature feeling for them and of them that is so deep and true and real that words don’t do them justice. You might tell that someone, “I’ll just have to introduce you someday so that you can experience them for yourself.”

What I can do is share the result of my simple steps and real change. Adjectives that come to mind are gratitude, joy, incredulous wonder, peace, sacred silence and self-love. There was a time in my life (a long time, actually) that I ran from getting to know myself because that meant I would have to face the monster — the incorrigibly critical voice — that lived within me.

Perhaps I can express my real change by sharing that now I live in my body; I have an understanding of who I am, and also have authentic appreciate for myself and my life journey. As a result of simple changes I made in my life, I have found my true voice, and my first simple step was deciding to stay on the planet and heal myself for real.

My journey is still unfolding now that I have found my true voice. I am walking through doors I could not have imagined. I didn’t know that simple steps like acknowledging my inner voices without judgment, allowing myself to safely express my emotions and honoring what I did to survive would lead me to heal chronic depression and win my personal battle with obesity. I also didn’t know that I would self-publish two books (to date), and be eager to talk with more than a few people at a time.

I didn’t know that simple steps would allow me the freedom to be myself with no strings attached. I didn’t know that simple steps would result in my being so happy upon awakening each day, especially when I used to dread waking up every day.

I just couldn’t know how sweet the fruit of my inner labor would be. All I know is that my intention to live a quality life led to the behavior that enabled me to achieve it.

As you continue to do your own simple steps, I think it is important to stop every now and then to acknowledge what real change you are experiencing. What subtle (and not so subtle) shifts are you able to identify? How are you different than you were one, three or five years ago? What previously recurring limiting thoughts are gone or at least somewhat minimized? What do you know and respect about yourself now that you were not aware of before?

I am honored to be part of a community that has the courage to talk and share and strive to grow and improve. I look forward to hearing about the results of your simple steps so that others have the opportunity to see what is possible. The result of taking very simple steps can be extraordinarily life changing.

And last but certainly not least, thank you so much, Cheryl Maloney, for turning your heartbreak and into service. Your light reaches so many and will keep growing!

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