The #1 Myth About Confidence

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Confidence: it influences everything from the jobs we take, the choices we make, and the chances we forsake… And we start losing a little bit every single day from the moment we’re born. As children, we experience cruelty from other children. We are made fun of and made aware of “flaws” that we never noticed before. As we grow, we are assaulted by magazines and commercials telling us exactly what we should look like, dress like, spend like, and live like. Short of living up to those imaginary standards, we are left feeling discontent or like a failure. We compare ourselves to siblings, friends, coworkers, and celebrities. The hamster wheel is off and running, and we’re left trying to find a way to jump off without losing life or limb.

When we grow tired of the loop of self-doubt that plays in the background of our brains, it’s easy to cast our glance elsewhere, (I’m looking at you, Facebook), and imagine a life made easier by a bigger house, thinner thighs, less kids, more kids, anything that doesn’t resemble our current scene. Comparison is a common tool we use to make evaluations about ourselves. Best case scenario: we use this as aspiration, motivation, and determination. But other times, we spiral into self-doubt, resentment, and depression. Alternately, comparing ourselves to those less fortunate to appreciate what we do have comes at the price of taking a subtle pleasure in another’s misfortune.

Social media offers us a beautifully curated version of life. We even edit ourselves when someone asks us how we’re doing. We say, “great!” or “fine.” or even “meh.”, but never “I’m feeling frumpy in this outfit.” or “I’m pretty sure I’m going to get laid off.” We’re way more comfortable showing the glossier parts of our lives than the delicate underbelly. But unless we have all of the information, comparison is an inaccurate tool, at best.

We know that in order to find deep, spiritual wellbeing we must stop the madness and be more confident, but the question is, how do you gain confidence, and keep it? Check out today’s video for the answer.

If you’re like many, some days you’re on top of the world — confidence-wise — while other days it seems like you’ve got your own personal rain cloud overhead. Can you relate?

Where we look for confidence has everything to do with what we find when we get there. The problem is, often times, we’re looking in the wrong place.

This video is all about confidence and putting an end to those times that you feel so-so about yourself.

I heard a radio ad the other day. It went something like this, “Do you know how important confidence is? More confidence can help you make more money, land a better job, and have the relationship you really want.” I was in complete agreement. What came out of the announcer’s mouth next left me speechless. Watch today’s video for more.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you. What have you let steal your confidence in the past, and more importantly, what are you going to do about it now? Even baby steps are good — confidence breeds more confidence, so any start is a good start!

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